Video For Kik

Video for Kik adds video messaging capability to Kik Messenger

4.0 stars on Play Store

Enhance your Kik experience with video messaging. Video for Kik allows you to send short video messages to your friends using Kik Messenger. This app is not endorsed by or affiliated with Kik Interactive, Inc.


How do I delete videos?

Click on a video in the My Kik Videos list and you can delete it from the dialog box.

Why does the Play Store say my device is not compatible with Video For Kik?

We only support Android 2.3 and newer. To determine what version is running on your device, select Apps > Settings > About phone or About tablet. Your Android version will be listed under System Version in this menu.

Why can’t I choose videos from my gallery?

To make sure videos are compatible with all users we record them in a specific format. This is why you cannot select videos from your gallery.

Videos aren’t loading?

It’s possible the video hasn’t been fully uploaded from the other user. Please wait a few mins and try again.

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